Marilyn Bodogh

Marilyn Bodogh is a two-time World Champion curler, best known for her two World Curling Championships in 1986 and 1996 and her two Tournament of Hearts championships to go with them. Both teams went 10-1 to win their world crowns. In 1980, Bodogh played third for her sister, Christine Bodogh, representing Ontario at the 1980 Canadian Ladies Curling Association Championship. In 1986, she returned to the tournament, this time known as the Scott Tournament of Hearts. Bodogh, now a skip, won the 1986 Hearts defeating the defending champion Linda Moore rink. Bodogh would go on to represent Canada at the 1986 World Championships where she beat Andrea Schöpp of Germany in the final. Bodogh brought some flair to the curling rink, as she chomped straw from a corn broom and her teams wore high-riding Scottish kilts in competition. Bodogh made her successful comeback at the 1996 Scott Tournament of Hearts. She defeated Cheryl Kullman of Alberta in the final. At the World Championships, she defeated Lisa Schoeneberg of the United States in the final.