Dr. Charles Tator

Dr. Charles Tator is an eminent scientist, neurosurgeon, professor, and administrator. When Dr. Tator began to study spinal cord injury from a basic science perspective, he was exploring uncharted waters. Decades later, and as a result of his pioneering inspiration, Canada has become a world leader in the field. His clinical and basic research opened the door to new treatment and rehabilitation studies for the approximately 4,500 people in Canada who experience spinal cord injuries each year. Dr. Tator, however, knows that without a cure for spinal cord injury, more work needs to be done. Therefore, his legacy can also be felt in the programs and collaborations he established and the legislation he called for to prevent spinal cord injury. More recently, Dr. Tator’s research has made important inroads in having a better understanding of concussion disorders. His research continues to inform and focus public discussions about concussions. A long-time advocate for safety in Canadian minor hockey, Dr. Tatorʼs work in combatting concussions in hockey is significant. Serving as the Director of the Canadian Sports Concussion Project at Toronto Western Hospital, his efforts to reduce spinal cord injuries suffered in hockey have been exemplary.