Bruce Prentice Family Legacy Award

Unveiled in 2015, the Bruce Prentice Legacy Award is named in honour of Bruce Prentice. Bruce founded and chairs the Ontario Sports Hall of Fame. He also founded the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame and the World Baseball Hall of Fame. Bruce is a true champion of celebrating sport and its participants, and ensuring they receive the honour and recognition they deserve.

The Bruce Prentice Legacy Award is presented to an individual or group whose outstanding contribution to sport or athletics is already well documented. Honourees will have demonstrated remarkable, long term contribution to sport in Ontario and the people involved. The Award may or may not be given out annually.

Voting for this award is conducted by the Board members and a selected group of experienced sports media professionals.

More about Bruce Prentice:

– Created the first college baseball program in Canada in 1981 at Seneca College, Toronto.
– Founder of the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame.
– Formed the Balmy Beach Sports Hall of Fame.
– Founded the Ontario Sports Hall of Fame.
– Revived the World Baseball Hall of Fame.
– Blue Jay scout for 4 years.
– Executive Director Ontario Lacrosse for 2 years.
– Honoured by the City of Toronto Playground Association.


Stacey Allaster

Stacey Allaster is a visionary global leader serving amateur and professional sports for over 30 years.

Dr. Charles Tator

Dr. Charles Tator is an eminent scientist, neurosurgeon, professor, and administrator.

Jack Dominico – 2022 Prentice Family Legacy Award

Passion, longevity, and competitiveness are just a few of the attributes that make up Jack Dominico. Dominico had a background in newspapers. He sold ads for the North Bay Nugget and Etobicoke Guardian. He met his wife Lynne at the Guardian. Their shared love of baseball led to the Toronto

Dr. Frank Hayden – 2019 Bruce Prentice Legacy Award

Dr. Frank Hayden, a sport scientist at the University of Toronto, is the official pioneer of the Special Olympics campaign. In the early 1960s, a group of students at Toronto’s Beverley School became the test group for Dr. Frank Hayden. Dr. Hayden was studying the effects of regular exercise on

The Conacher Family – 2018 Bruce Prentice Legacy Award

Dubbed the “First Family of Hockey,” the Conacher family has a rich history that spans over generations making an impact in the sport. Before the Richards, Sutters, or Howe siblings, one of the early great brother combinations in hockey was the Conacher family.

Queen’s Plate – 2017 Bruce Prentice Legacy Award

Initiated in 1859 by the then president of the Toronto Turf Club, Sir Casimir Gzowski, the Queen's Plate was inaugurated on June 27, 1860, at the Carleton racetrack in Toronto, Ontario, with the prize of 50 guineas awarded by Queen Victoria.

Frank Selke Sr. and Frank Selke Jr. – 2016 Bruce Prentice Legacy Award

The Selke family offered invaluable time and effort to the professional hockey world. Frank Selke Sr. (May 7th, 1893 – July 3rd, 1985) and Frank Selke Jr. (September 7th, 1929 – March 18th, 2013). Their contributions to the NHL and all professional hockey were crucial to the development of the

Tim Horton – 2015 Bruce Prentice Legacy Award

Miles Gilbert "Tim" Horton (January 12, 1930 – February 21, 1974) was a Canadian professional ice hockey player, a defenceman for 24 seasons in the National Hockey League. He played for the Toronto Maple Leafs, New York Rangers, Pittsburgh Penguins, and Buffalo Sabres.