2011 Annual Awards

Terry Fox – 2011 Heritage Award

On April 12, 1980, a 21-year-old Terry Fox dipped his artificial right leg into the Atlantic Ocean and set out on his Marathon of Hope – one of the most impossibly incredible, heart-breaking, heart-lifting sagas by any Canadian, before or since.

Adriano Belli – 2011 Sandy Hawley Award

Adriano was born and raised in Toronto. A standout of the Central Tech football program, he was able to earn a scholarship at the University of Houston where he starred as a defensive tackle. Belli was drafted in the CFL but opted for the NFL and XFL instead before finally

Bill Stephenson – 2011 Brian Williams Media Award

Brian Williams, whom Canadian have welcomed into their homes all these many Olympics, is obviously honoured that the Ontario Sports Hall of Fame’s media award has been named for him.

Patrick Chan – Syl Apps Award 2011

All he'd really wanted to do – back there at age 5 – was learn to skate so that he could play hockey. The skating, itself turned out to be so cool, though, that ... well, stuff happens. And today, Patrick Chan, men's world champion two times running, Canadian champ