Ferguson Jenkins Heritage Award (Retired)

Over the long history of sport in Ontario, there have been many one-time events – one game, one series, one memorable day or moment – that will be remembered and cherished, not only by sports fans, by the entire country as well.

The Ferguson Jenkins Heritage Award was introduced in 2011 to commemorate those one-of-a-kind events or special moments in time that so embellish the long history of sports in Ontario. There were some serious options for that first selection. In the end, a satisfying nod to Terry Fox, who, back in 1980, just happened to be passing through these parts on his heart-breaking/heart-lifting Marathon of Hope.

Joe Carter’s Home Run – 2015 Heritage Award

Born in 1960, Joe started his professional baseball career in 1983 with the Cubs, moving to the Indians then the Padres before joining the Blue Jays in 1991. He was an integral part of the 1992 and 1993 Jays championship teams, but he is best known for his 1993 World

Babe Ruth’s First Professional Home Run – 2014 Heritage Award

On the night of September 5, 1914, the Providence Greys visited Hanlan's Point Stadium to play the Toronto Maple Leafs' minor league baseball team. The Greys' starting 19-year-old starting pitcher threw a one-hitter.

Arnold Palmer – 2013 Heritage Award

Perhaps no figure in the history of golf injected more excitement into the game over a sustained period than Arnold Palmer. Palmer's ability to win with boldness and charisma was the single biggest factor in the game's explosive growth after 1960.

Paul Henderson (Hockey)- 2012 Heritage Award

On Sept. 22, 1972, game 5 of the epochal eight-game Canada-USSR hockey series was played in Moscow. Henderson scored a couple of goals, the second with five minutes gone in the third to give Team Canada the 4-1 lead that would surely ...

Terry Fox – 2011 Heritage Award

On April 12, 1980, a 21-year-old Terry Fox dipped his artificial right leg into the Atlantic Ocean and set out on his Marathon of Hope – one of the most impossibly incredible, heart-breaking, heart-lifting sagas by any Canadian, before or since.