Conacher Family Heritage Award

The Conacher Family Heritage Award was introduced to commemorate those one-of-a-kind events or special moments in time that so embellish the long history of sports in Ontario.

1973 Toronto Marlboros

The 1973 edition of the Toronto Marlboros are known as

Joe Carter’s Home Run – 2015 Heritage Award

Born in 1960, Joe started his professional baseball career in

Babe Ruth’s First Professional Home Run – 2014 Heritage Award

On the night of September 5, 1914, the Providence Greys

Arnold Palmer – 2013 Heritage Award

Perhaps no figure in the history of golf injected more

Paul Henderson (Hockey)- 2012 Heritage Award

On Sept. 22, 1972, game 5 of the epochal eight-game

Terry Fox – 2011 Heritage Award

On April 12, 1980, a 21-year-old Terry Fox dipped his